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Medical and Prescription Benefits

Kaiser Permanente Options Plan

Kaiser Permanente Options provides you with flexibility when seeking covered medical services by allowing you to receive care within or outside of the Kaiser Permanente network. You will be required to elect a primary care physician (PCP), and you will maximize your coverage by having care provided or referred by your PCP. This plan offers members a combination of in-network managed services and out-of-network services, which can be from any qualified provider. In-network services usually require co-insurance after the deductible is met. Out-of-network services are subject to a higher annual deductible and a co-insurance payment, typically 30 percent of remaining covered expenses up to an annual out-of-pocket limit.Doctors Prescription coverage is available through a local pharmacy or the mail order program.
UnitedHealthcare (Plan #702633)

UnitedHealthcare Options PPO has access to a broad network of physicians and hospitals nationwide. The traditional plan design offers two levels of coverage – a higher level of benefits apply for in-network services, and a lower level of benefits is available for non-network services with somewhat higher deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments. The plan includes a full spectrum of covered services and direct access to specialists without the need to gain approval from a primary care doctor.
Express Scripts, Inc. 

Prescription BenefitsExpress Scripts — This company was chosen to manage your prescription-drug benefit if you are enrolled in UnitedHealthcare, which offers you a website tool with round-the-clock assistance, savings opportunities and important health information. The website lets you view all the details of your prescription-drug benefit and review your prescription-drug claims history. You don’t have to search your benefits documents every time you have a question about a copayment or a medication. Through the website you can quickly refill and request renewal of Home Delivery prescriptions online and check the status of your orders at any time. If you need to find a local pharmacy, you can easily locate one near you using the “Find a Pharmacy” feature. Additionally, the “Price a Drug” feature, can tell what you will pay for a specific medication, and find out how to save money by choosing a lower cost generic alternative if available. Lastly, the “Save on My Prescriptions” feature alerts you when you have an opportunity to switch a maintenance drug to home delivery.  Home Delivery from the Express Script Pharmacy has a great track record of satisfaction, service, and convenience.

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Dental Benefits

Willamette Dental (Group #002148-C-WA)

Willamette Dental has been providing quality dental care to patients in the Pacific Northwest for 40 years.  Willamette Dental is a multi-specialty group practice that practices evidence-based dentistry. Our members received their care at a Willamette Dental office with highly credentialed dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. Willamette Dental strives to stop the dental disease/repair cycle by implementing evidence-based methods of prevention and treatment.  Our philosophy emphasizes preserving the patients natural tooth-structure and preventing dental disease. Offices are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm with occasional Saturday appointments available. Your plan offers no annual maximums, no deductibles, no waiting periods and Toothbrushextensive coverage on preventative services.


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Delta Dental/Washington Dental Service (Plan #00522)

This plan is available to all HEWT-eligible employees.  The plan provides coverage for Preventative/Diagnostic Service, Basic Services, Major Services and Orthodontia. It gives you the freedom to receive care from a participating Delta PPO Network, Delta Premier Network dentist or from any dentist of your choosing. Services provided by Delta Dental PPO or Premier dentists are based upon a negotiated fee schedule. This means if you incur any out-of-pocket costs, they will be based on the Delta negotiated fees and not the dentist's actual charge. However, if you choose to go to an out-of-network dentist, not only will you pay your share of coinsurance and/or deductible, you may also pay the balance bill - the difference between what Delta says is the reasonable and customary cost and what the dentist actually charges. It is further incentive for you to use participating dentists.



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