Evaluated Suppliers List (ESL)
  • Quality Assurance, acting in conjunction with Procurement and Field Technical personnel, has the responsibility to develop and maintain a list of current suppliers who have been evaluated against nationally recognized standards. This list is developed as needed for particular procurement actions that arise.
  • The Evaluate Suppliers Listing (ESL) is a directory of Suppliers who have been evaluated against various nationally recognized programs, and project selected standards (e.g., ASME NQA-1, 10 CFR 71) that have been deemed capable of meeting the associated quality program requirements.
  • The Design Authority indicates the need for an evaluated supplier on the Purchase Requisition. This requirement is derived from the Quality Level, Safety Class and/or different project requirements (e.g., specifications, regulatory guides, codes, and standards).
  • Supplier Quality Program Evaluation is one of several criteria in the selection process. The program and program criteria is identified by the Request for Pre-Award Evaluation form. The Supplier Quality Evaluation Program includes an evaluation of the suppliers written program, program implementation, annual re-evaluation, and audits. The Suppliers Quality Evaluation Program is maintained and operated by Acquisition Verification Services (AVS). AVS notifies the Requestor and the Contract Specialist of the results of the evaluation.
  • The Contract Specialist notifies the Supplier of the results of the evaluation. If the results are acceptable the Supplier is added to the ESL for the acceptance criteria. If the results are unacceptable the Supplier is not added to the ESL.
  • The Suppliers' status on the ESL is evaluated at (12) twelve-month intervals. Performance feedback is obtained from the End User, Buyer, Quality Engineer, and other supplier contacts. At the end of 36 months, the Supplier is scheduled for an audit.
  • For additional information, please e-mail ^HMIS Contract Support Services (


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