Travel Information
Only when authorized as part of the work scope on a Subcontract, will the Subcontractor be reimbursed travel expenses incurred in performance provided that the expenses are:
  1. Authorized in advance by the Buyer as part of the Subcontract,
  2. Allowable under the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR),
  3. Reasonable, and;
  4. Allocable and necessary for performance of the Subcontract.

The Subcontractor is expected to take reasonable steps to mitigate the amount of travel expense. When work assignments are such that travel for any one employee would exceed a short term (typically more than 30 days), the Subcontractor is expected to propose and implement lower cost alternatives to per-diem travel expenses (such as long term lodging, temporary relocation, long term car rental, etc.).

The following information is provided to assist in locating or planning to lower travel costs.

For more information see:

Transportation by Airline

Travel Leaders is the recommended local travel agency. Phone: (509) 943-4686


Every effort shall be made to plan required travel to obtain the lowest fares available. The Subcontractor shall plan travel requirements with BTR concurrence, in order to obtain the lowest available coach airline fares and by acquiring preferable 14 day or longer advance ticketing. A travel plan shall be submitted to the Buyer within five (5) workdays of Subcontract/Release award indicating anticipated travel dates and airfare costs.

Transportation other than Airline

Reimbursement of transportation costs will be at the current FTR per mile rate, for travel made by automobile, or actual fares for other public conveyance, reasonably incurred by Subcontractor's personnel in traveling by the shortest and most direct route from his/her home office to (Hanford Site) Richland, Washington, or to other such locations and return, at the request of the Buyer. When travel is by automobile, the most direct route shall be determined in accordance with the Rand McNally Standard Distance Chart. Local mileage costs while at the Hanford Site will not be reimbursed, unless specifically authorized by the Buyer/Contract Specialist.

Car Rental

You are expected to utilize compact sized cars. Should a compact size vehicle not be available, use of a more expensive vehicle must include a certification by the employee of the efforts made to obtain the compact vehicle. Actual receipts must document all car rental costs.


Local lodging must not exceed the current FTR Per Diem allowance. When making hotel reservations, you must identify that your firm is a Subcontractor to Hanford Mission Integration Solutions and confirm that you are receiving the FTR rate.

Meals and Incidental Expenses (M & IE)

M & IE will be reimbursed at a flat rate per day; not to exceed the limits specified for the geographical location in the FTR. The daily living expense (M & IE) shall be prorated per the FTR during the first and last day of travel, inclusive of weekend trips home. Weekend stay-overs are paid when continued work is required during the following week.

Travel Rules

All travel/expense payments to non-incorporated Subcontractors will be reported as part of the gross payments for IRS 1099 reporting, regardless of whether originals or copies of receipts are submitted to the Buyer for reimbursement.

If a Subcontractor's employee or consultant is working on more than one Subcontract, each cognizant Buyer must be notified of the employee/consultant name(s) and Subcontract numbers. Travel expenses must be coordinated to mitigate the total cost to the buyer and prorated or allocated by the Subcontractor to the appropriate Subcontract.

In the event that several employees are working together, rental car reimbursement, or Subcontractor owned vehicle mileage will be payable to only one (1) Subcontractor employee. Employees traveling in the same vehicle will not be reimbursed for mileage. Include those employee names traveling in the party on the expense report.

Hanford Site Orientation

See the Hanford Site Visitor Orientation Guide for general information, security requirements, safety measures, and radiological orientation when visiting the Hanford Site. Contractors that do work on site must read and understand the HMIS Subcontractor Safety & Security Information page.



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