HNRTC Groundwater to Surface Water Upwelling Evaluation

RFP 357191 - HNRTC Groundwater to Surface Water Upwelling Evaluation


Hanford Mission Integration Solutions, LLC. (HMIS) is seeking proposals for HNRTC Groundwater to Surface Water Upwelling Evaluation. The requested work is in support of Hanford Mission Essential Services Contract (HMESC) Prime Contract 89303320DEM000031 with the U.S. Department of Energy, Richland Office.

See full details on the attached Statement of Work (SOW) provided with this Solicitation

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Issue Date:

Solicitation Issue Date: 4/04/22
Addendum 001 DtD: 4/18/2022
Addendum 002 DtD: 4/19/2022
Addendum 003 DtD: 4/19/2022

Additional Milestones Dates:

Questions Due: 4/11/2022 by 2:00PM PST

Due Date:

Proposal Due Date: 2:00 P.M. PST on REVISED 5/2/2022 



NOTE: WHEN SUBMITTING PROPOSAL, PLEASE CONFIRM ALL ATTACHMENT(S) ARE SUBMITTED IN ACCORDANCE TO THE Solicitation/SOW SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENT(S), OTHERWISE THE PROPOSAL WILL BE CONSIDERED INCOMPLETE AND MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR FURTHER EVALUATION.  Please note that all technical, commercial, and legal requirements are included in the attached documents. Any questions, concerns, and/or exceptions are to be addressed prior to or with your proposal to include legal review issues. Any exceptions or lengthy review requirements taken at time of award will be considered grounds to immediate disqualification

Addendum 003, dtd 4/19/2022
Addendum 002, dtd 4/19/2022
Addendum 001, dtd 4/18/2022


Contract Specialist:

Robin Domina
(509) 376-8024

Hanford Mission Integration Solutions, LLC. 

Last Updated 04/19/2022 10:17 AM
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