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Business & Contract Administration

Our B&CA team handles prime contract administration, procurement, and cost estimating, overseeing work for others and rate/funds management, management of contracts and the supply chain, providing support for DOE small business awards, and control of purchased items and services.


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Business Integration

Our BI team manages business compliance, invoicing, Hanford portfolio analysis and independent assessment, program and project controls, finance and accounting, and overall site business integration under the One Hanford approach.


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Engineering, Technology & Projects

Our ET&P team covers engineering, technology & enterprise architecture, including information technology and enterprise architecture governance, plus strategic planning. This work produces consistent, high-quality engineering products to meet customers’ requirements and schedules, enhances reliability of the mission critical site infrastructure systems and facilities and incorporates engineering innovations and commercial practices. Additionally, the team manages project delivery and infrastructure reliability projects.


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Information Management Services

Our Information Management team works to deliver both standard technology and leading edge innovations to the Hanford Site. This includes core services for information technology, cyber security services, maintenance of information technology infrastructure, end-user computing services, communications, mission information technology and site forms management.


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Interface & Integration Services

Our I&IS team manages transportation services (including roads and grounds plus motor carrier services), fleet services, crane and rigging, warehousing and property management, custodial services and interface management. Interface & Integration Services teams also manage the HAMMER Federal Training Center.


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Infrastructure & Site Services

Our I&SS team handles electrical utilities, water/sewer and operations support for other Hanford contractors to complete environmental remediation on the Hanford Site. This includes electrical transmission and distribution, along with energy management. Additionally, infrastructure services maintain railroad, water and sewer systems, sanitary waste management and disposal, conduct of operations, event notification, reporting and investigation. Site services professionals conduct planning and budgeting, conduct of maintenance, facility planning, information and management, and maintenance of activity level work planning and control.


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Mission Assurance

Our Mission Assurance team handles environmental stewardship and management, including land management, site access and use, post-cleanup surveillance and maintenance, tribal nations, and assessment of damage to Hanford natural resources. Additionally, the team handles environmental integration, including NEPA planning and program support, the cultural and historic resource program, environmental compliance support, regulatory management, mitigation strategy and planning, permits and compliance and natural phenomena monitoring. The Mission Assurance team also covers requirements management, worker safety and protection, and performance oversight. These include site safety standards, radiological site services, organizational and safety culture, radiation protection, Beryllium protection, quality assurance, purchase control and the contractor assurance system.

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President’s Office

Those reporting to the president’s office cover operating excellence, external affairs, communications, special projects, legal, internal audit, the employee concerns program, and ethic & compliance. This includes ensuring the company runs in an efficient and smooth day-to-day operation through effective office management while executing the Hanford Mission Essential Services Contract.


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Safeguards, Security & Emergency Response

Our SS&ER team manages safeguards and security, including protective force, physical security, information security, personnel security, nuclear material control and accountability, and management of the safeguards and security program. Additionally, SS&ER covers emergencies and first responders, including fire and emergency response services, emergency operations, and the radiological assistance program to ensure the protection of people, property, and the environment, both on and off the Hanford Site.


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Workforce Solutions

Our Workforce Solutions team administers benefits, manages human resources and labor relations, and runs the Hanford Workers Engagement Center as part of an overall commitment to maintain a highly skilled workforce. The team is dedicated to developing and delivering programs that enhance HMIS’ ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse set of high-performing, skilled individuals. Additionally, the Workforce Solutions group designs, develops, implements, administers, communicates and interfaces all employee and retiree benefit plans. It is their goal to develop and implement prudent personnel policies in a manner that is honest, fair, ethical and confidential.













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