HMIS Procurement

Hanford Mission Integration Solutions, LLC (HMIS) is a Prime Contractor for the Department of Energy (DOE) at the Hanford Site. HMIS has the responsibility to (1) maintain a viable site infrastructure to support the Hanford mission and (2) support the Hanford Site cleanup, and science and technology missions by providing site services to all the site contractors.

Key Activities Include:

  • Analytical Services: Activities necessary to acquire samples and accurately describe the composition or other qualities.  This includes expertise in chemistry and data quality, field and sampling services, and waste and environmental sample analysis.
  • Emergency Response: Activities necessary to respond to events, such as fire, medical, rescue, and hazardous materials emergencies.
  • Information Resource Management: Activities necessary to provide telecommunications, computer software, hardware, and programming support; and operate the business systems.
  • Maintenance: Activities necessary to sustain performance and serviceability of equipment, vehicles, roads, ground, and general-purpose facilities, including support to other contractors.
  • Property Disposition: Activities necessary to disposition property determined to be excess and devalued to zero ($0).
  • Safeguards and Security: Activities necessary to provide qualified Security Officers, special nuclear material (SNM) control and accountability. Additionally, to protect site assets, control access, track radioactive shipments, and provide round-the-clock threat response.
  • Utilities: Activities necessary to provide electricity, water, sanitary sewer, and solid sanitary waste disposal.
Supplier Commitment

HMIS and the HMESC team recognize the vital contribution of our suppliers toward the growth and success of our company, and therefore place a strong emphasis on quality, which starts with the products and services, we receive from our suppliers. We request that our suppliers continue this commitment to quality and expect the following:

  • Provide the correct materials and services

  • Timely performance and delivery

  • Provide competitive pricing

  • Respond to emergency situations

  • Identify and pursue joint process improvement opportunities

Mission Statement

Integrate contract and supply chain functions proactively to provide and implement value added, effective strategies, and solutions to achieve HMIS goals.

Procurement Ethics

HMIS commits to good business practice by maintaining the highest level of ethical standards. HMIS and our suppliers benefit from observing high standards of professional and ethical conduct. In the interest of maintaining impartial business relationships, we adhere to a long established policy that prohibits the acceptance of gifts and gratuities by our employees at any time.

Materials / Services Required

HMIS procures materials and services needed to support our internal operations and several project areas. Contact the HMIS Supplier Advocacy Office for more detail about current requirements. Following is a summary of various products and services which are typically required:

  • Architecture and engineering services

  • Computer hardware, software, and supplies

  • Construction subcontractors 

  • Electrical, mechanical, and electronic systems

  • Engineering and scientific technical services

  • Equipment, components, and parts

  • Fabricated items

  • Hazardous and solid waste handling and disposal

  • Industrial and safety supplies

  • Laboratory analysis and supplies

  • Office furniture, equipment, and supplies

  • Professional and administration support services

  • Raw materials

  • Real property leases


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