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HMIS Subcontractor Registration Information

Information provided to assist subcontractors in the registration and contracting process.

This page is provided for information only. The references herein are intended to supplement, but not replace, requirements in any specific subcontract or subcontract provision. See the Hanford Site Visitor Orientation Guide for general information, security requirements, safety measures, and radiological orientation when visiting the Hanford Site.

Business Licenses

It is the Subcontractor's responsibility to understand and comply with all business laws and licensing requirements.

If a Subcontractor/service provider enters a state to install equipment or goods or offer a service, it must have a license to do business in that state (and also register with the Secretary of State if it is a corporation).

The State of Washington has streamlined its business license requirements pursuant to a Licensing Act (codified in the statutes appearing in R.C.W. 19.02) and regulations appearing in W.A.C. 308-300. The Subcontractor can apply directly to the Washington Department of Licensing and secure a "master license" for al the activities for which separate licenses were once required. Direct the Subcontractor to the following:

Business License Center Department of Licensing Highways - Licensing Building
Olympia, Washington 98504

Subcontract Database

Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS) maintains a list of Subcontractors with active Subcontracts and purchase orders in Asset Suite (Note: The Asset Suite system uses the term "vendors". For HMIS contracting purposes, the term "Subcontractor" generally refers to vendors, sellers and suppliers).

Subcontractors in the database are assigned an identification number which may be used to facilitate communicating about changes and corrections to Subcontractor information. It is important that all Subcontractors are correctly identified and registered. Failure of the Subcontractor to provide accurate information and make sure it is kept current may result in missed opportunities, delayed payments and/or exclusion from the system.

Prior to award of any Subcontract, the HMIS Subcontractor control administrator must have a properly completed Subcontractor Registration Form on file. The form must include critical details such as; (1) the complete legal business name and address, (2) tax identification number, (3) complete mailing and shipping address, (4) correct remit to address, etc. It is important that Subcontractors have someone submit the form who understands the implications of registration errors and can correctly complete the form.

Subcontractor Registration System: Vendor Registration

Subcontractor Name Changes

Changes to Subcontractor information (address, phone numbers, etc.) will only be made when properly documented by the Subcontractor.

Subcontractor Changes:  Tax Identity, Assignment, Buy-out, Sell-out, Etc.

Subcontracts and purchase orders may not be assigned, sold or transferred to a different or new Subcontractor, without the express written authorization of the Buyer. Before transfer can be completed, new Subcontractor information, including registration and W-9 forms, must be received and reviewed by the Buyer. The acquiring entity must also explicitly agree to accept the existing Subcontract and all associated responsibility and liability.

In some situations a formal Subcontract novation may be required by the Buyer. If a novation is required, the novation form can be downloaded from

Electronic Funds Transfer

The preferred method of making payments is by using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This process speeds up payment processing and reduces cost for both the Buyer and the Subcontractor. For some types of long term awards, EFT payment processing is mandatory. A Subcontractor may request that all orders be paid using this process by submitting the EFT form.

Evaluated Suppliers List (ESL)

Quality Assurance maintains a list of Subcontractors who have been evaluated for specific QA program criteria. More information about the QA ESL can be found a


Invoicing requirements are identified in the General Provisions of the awards. Backup documentation and supporting information requirements are included in the award package or the Special Provisions. HMIS encourages Subcontractors to propose and discuss alternative and electronic invoicing and payment processes. Contract Specialists will make the determination if a simplified or electronic process can be used on any specific action.


Payments will NOT be made to invoices from third-parties or to third-parties. Payments will only be made to the proper legal business name as identified on the submitted registration forms and on the contract or purchase order.

Qualified Contractors List

HMIS does NOT have a list of pre-qualified Subcontractors. Contract Specialists may send solicitations to contractors who are not already in our database.

Representations and Certifications

As requested by the Contract Specialist, Subcontractors competing for awards will be required to register at System for Award Management (SAM) for Representations and Certifications.

Supplier Advocate

The HMIS Supplier Advocacy Office is available to assist Subcontractors with questions about small and disadvantages business status and activities. View the Supplier Advocacy information at

Tax Identification

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may not require some independent contractors to have a Tax ID number, it is a requirement of HMIS.

A Federal Tax Identification (Tax ID) number is required for all new Subcontractors. The Tax ID is also referred to by the IRS as the EIN. 

W-9 Forms

Subcontractors will also be requested to complete and sign a W-9 form. This form confirms the Subcontractor's legal business name, tax identification or social security number, and tax status. This information is captured during the vendor registration process. By providing this information to Accounts Payable, Subcontractors help ensure that payments are made to the correct company. This information also helps ensure that payment reports to the IRS are correct.


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